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Sell Back Your Books- Are your damaged books worth money?

girl thinking about selling damaged booksYour textbooks go through the college experience with you, and they may not make it through to the other side of the semester in perfect condition. This is completely normal. Textbooks commonly face highlighter pens, sticky notes, dog-eared pages and even spills. So, how do you know if your worn textbook can still be sold back?  

Types of Textbook Damage That Are Usually Unacceptable

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Selling a Textbook that Has Water Damage

sponge bob square pants scared to sell damaged textbooksAccidents happen, and they tend to happen at a higher frequency than normal inside dorm rooms. This means that it is completely common for spills to happen, and for textbooks to acquire a bit of water damage. You might think that this will mean that you will not be able to sell your used college textbooks at the end of the semester.  

Most Booksellers Will Not Accept Water Damaged Textbo...

Selling Textbooks Online Without Dealing with Private Buyers

trust sign Selling used items using the Internet has become increasingly popular. However, as NBC News reports, criminals have developed strategies to use this trend to commit crimes. People who post items for sale online run the risk of being scammed by buyers, or being attacked or robbed, if the transaction requires a face-to-face meeting. This can understandably make peopl...

Textbook Buyback Information – Things Every Student Should Know

what you need to know about textbook buybackThe end of a semester can be a great time for celebration; especially if you have received great grades in all of your classes. This is also a time to consider recovering some of the cash that you spent on books at the beginning of the semester. Before you start to sell textbooks back, consider the following important textbook buyback information.  

Your Campus Books Store Will Offer More for Certain ...

Selling College Textbooks Online Can Help other Students

students help each other when they sell used textbooks onlineLast year, the Huffington Post reported that college textbook prices were rising faster than tuition and inflation. Textbook costs are often overshadowed by tuition costs, even if they are increasing by larger percentages every year. The students currently pursuing their higher education cannot ignore these ...

Ways to Make Buying College Textbooks More Affordable

professor that would make you buy used college textbooksEveryone should have the opportunity to receive a strong college education. Unfortunately, the cost of attending college rules out this option for many people. After tuition, one of the biggest, often overlooked, expenses that students have is buying textbooks. Fortunately, there are many ways that students can reduce this particular financial burden.  

Stay Away from the Bookstore On Your Campus


How You Can Make More Money Selling Used College Textbooks

roll of money toilet paper after a student sold their used college textbooksIt is common knowledge that college tuition is quite expensive, but it is often overlooked how much students spend on textbooks every year. One way to reduce these costs is to buy used textbooks, and to sell used college textbooks online every semester. Below are a few tips to help you get the most out of your used textbooks.  

Sell Them at the Right Time


Why University Bookstores Might Not Buy Your Textbooks Back

college bound photo There is a good chance that you went to your university bookstore, looked up your course, and purchased the required textbooks there. Many students do this every semester because, although often more expensive, this route is very convenient. It can be very confusing, however, when you return to sell used college textbooks, and the store refuses to buy them.  

University Bookstores Buy Limited Numbers of Textbooks

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How Does MyMathLab Access Code Work?

mymathlab picture in white with a blue background If you are a math major, odds are you will encounter MyMathLab in one of your college courses. The site can be pretty confusing if you've never heard of it before, so here's a quick guide to the site.  - -  

What does MyMathLab offer Students?

MyMathLab is a Pearson site that offers worksheets, exercises, and homework assignments t...

How to Sell Your Textbooks with Mild or Moderate Damage

how to pencil writing ways to sell back damaged college textbooksKeeping your textbooks in pristine condition can be extremely difficult, or impossible, especially if jotting notes, underlining and highlighting helps you study. You should not allow your grades to suffer because you are worried about textbook buyback prices. Fortunately, it is possible to sell used textbooks that have a bit of wear to them.  

Finding the Right Place to Sell Your ...