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Five Tips for Selling Damaged Textbooks

5 tips to sell damaged textbooks onlineYou finish up a semester at college and you now have a stack of textbooks taking up precious space on your small bookshelf. You sigh, remembering all of the money you blew buying these books and you wonder how you can afford the next batch for the upcoming semester. Even more depressing to you is the fact that you did a bit of underlining or highlighting in some of them, and you think you won't see a penny when you try to sell them. The go...

5 Things to Consider When Selling Your College Textbooks

things to consider when selling your college textbooksGoing to college is expensive. However, there are steps you can take to reduce your costs – starting with your textbooks. Once you are finished with your books, you can sell them and receive cash for your next semester. As you sell your textbooks, keep in mind:  

1. You Do Not Have to Settle for Low Bookstore Offers

  If you look at the college textbook buyback information for university bookstor...

Best Accounting Books to Sell Back this Semester

accounting textbooks 41TzTsKDYHLAs an accounting student, you likely have a great appreciation for the importance of saving money when buying and selling used college textbooks. Ironically, the textbooks you need in order to learn how to manage finances are often among the most expensive.   One way to reduce your accounting textbook expenses each semester is to sell your accounting textbooks online. Below are some of the

Great Info to Know Before You Sell Books Online

great info to know before you sell books onlineIf you can receive more cash when selling used college textbooks, why not do it? This is how an increasing number of students feel, which is why more are selling their used books online. If you are considering taking this route, there are some things you should keep in mind as you get started. ...

Blog Post to Explain College Textbook Buyback Information

When a course is over, students have the choice of keeping their books or selling their used college textbooks to recoup some of their education expenses. For those who decide they would rather have more cash for buying different textbooks, it can be difficult to learn how the textbook buyback process works.  

College Textbooks Are Expensive Investments

  One of the first things that college students will learn is that buying textbooks is very expensive. Even used textbooks are offered at fairly high prices sometimes. Therefore, you m...

How to Sell Textbooks Online Successfully

selling textbooks online successfully and making money fastIt is almost insulting sometimes the small amounts bookstores offer to buyback your textbooks. You sometimes pay well over $100 for your textbooks, and they offer you $5 because that course isn’t being taught this semester. Don’t be one of the many students who accept these measly offers because you think selling...

Free Shipping is Possible When Selling Textbooks Online

Free Shipping hen you sell college textbooks onlineIt is widely accepted that if you want to receive the best buyback prices for your used textbooks, you should sell them online. Instead of going with the prices that your local bookstores are wiling to pay, you open up your sale to a much larger market, where people will be willing to give you more.  

Not All Online Textbook Sa...