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Why Others Want Your Used Textbooks

others want to follow the leaderEven though you no longer need your used textbooks, that doesn’t mean you should just throw them away, or stash them in the back of your closet where they will remain for the next five years. There are plenty of people who are more than happy to take those used books off your hands, and you can actually make money in the process. If you still don’t believe that others wil...

Tricks to Getting the Best Price for Used Textbooks

tips and tricks to selling used textbooks online for cashYou are finally done with that 20-pound textbook you have been lugging around all semester, and you truly never want to see it again. You already know you want to sell it, but do you really know what your options are? If not, there are a few tricks that will help you get the best price, in the most convenient ways possible.

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Top Reasons You Can’t Sell Your Textbooks

sell your textbooks and turn them to cashSelling your used textbooks is a great way to earn extra cash, but there may be times when you can’t sell the books you are trying to get rid of. While this is annoying and an inconvenience, it pays to understand why you can’t sell so you know what to expect in the future. The following are the top reasons that you can’t sell your textbook...

Top Five Reasons Your Used Textbook is Valuable

5 reasons why selling textbooks online is importantWhen you are finally done with that boring History of Literature class, you may think your textbook is done too. However, before you chuck it into the nearest dumpster, you might want to consider selling it. That used book may be useless to you, but others want it. If you want to know why you should consider selling your used textbooks

The Best Times to Sell Used Textbooks

best time to sell textbooks online Like many other types of buying and selling, textbooks have time periods where selling your books is unlikely, but there are also times when you also have a better chance of getting a higher price. If you want to get the most out of selling those used books, make sure to pay attention to when they are most in demand. According to