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The Downside of Selling Your Textbooks on Campus

student at campus bookstore trying to sell her booksOnce you have finished all of your exams, it can be tempting to head over to the campus bookstore to sell your textbooks and be rid of them. This, however, may not be your best choice if you are interesting in recouping a decent amount of what you invested in your textbooks.


If the Bookstore Will Even Purchase Your Books…


On-campus bookstores are notorious for giving students very low buy back prices. You will often be lucky if you are able to receive 20 to 30 percent of what you paid originally for your books. There’s typically no point in trying to negotiate a better price. The people working there generally have strict textbook buyback information that they are following.


Sometimes Bookstores Refuse to Buy Your Book


In many cases, the bookstore may refuse to purchase your book at all. The on-campus bookstores will have information pertaining to all of the books that professors are requiring for the upcoming semester and they apply this information to their used textbook buyback programs.


Simply put, if the book you are attempting to sell back is not going to be assigned to a course at your university next semester, the bookstore may not be willing to buy it. According to the New York University main bookstore website, their policy is to only buy back the number of textbooks that they expect will be needed. After this number is reached, they offer a significantly smaller portion of the retail price. This is actually a generous policy, as many campus bookstores would simply stop buying back the textbooks.


This especially becomes problematic when certain classes are only offered either in the fall or the spring semesters. By the time the class is offered again, the professor may be using a different textbook or a different edition. New editions can also make it difficult to sell college textbooks, as many stores will only buy back the newest editions.


What Are the Alternatives?


Many students are misguided into thinking they are limited to their on-campus used textbook buyback opportunities. In reality, the much more profitable option is to sell used college textbooks online.


Selling textbooks online has become much easier with the help of user-friendly platforms like Textbook Dollars. Sites like these make it simple and convenient to get the most competitive prices when selling back nearly any type of textbook that is in at least fair condition.

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