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Sell Back Your Books- Are your damaged books worth money?

girl thinking about selling damaged booksYour textbooks go through the college experience with you, and they may not make it through to the other side of the semester in perfect condition. This is completely normal. Textbooks commonly face highlighter pens, sticky notes, dog-eared pages and even spills. So, how do you know if your worn textbook can still be sold back?


Types of Textbook Damage That Are Usually Unacceptable


Most businesses that buy used textbooks do not buy books that have missing pages, torn pages, bindings that are damaged, water damage or fire damage. Depending upon where you sell your books, you may want to check the textbook buyback information for that location.


There is a chance that if you have taken a lot of notes in the book, you will receive less for your book, or you will not be able to sell your textbooks at all. Some businesses will have policies regarding textbooks that are in new, good, fair or poor condition.


Getting the Most for Your Damaged or Worn College Textbooks


If your textbooks do have a bit of wear to them, your best option is likely to sell textbooks online. This does not mean that you should lie about the condition of your books and ship them to an unsuspecting buyer. This is not only unethical, it will also only lead to more headaches for you if the future.


What you can do is find an online platform like TextbookDollars.com, which is much more lenient about the textbooks that are eligible for buyback. You can sell used college textbooks to this dealer, even if they have water damage. This is one of the only businesses around who will allow water damage.

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If You Would Buy It, You Can Sell It


A general guideline you can use when determining if you can sell your textbook is if you would be willing to buy your book, there is someone out there who would also be willing. The key is to be able to access the people who will be willing to buy your book.


That is when the Internet becomes very useful. Fortunately, online platforms like TextbookDollars.com make it much easier. All you have to do is enter the ISBN or ISBNs, and you can receive a price quote for the used textbooks that you would like to sell. Even if they are a bit worn, you can still likely receive payment.

Sell Back Your Books!

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