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Should I Sell My Textbooks Online?

should i sell textbooks online to bookstoreWhen the semester ends, the first place many students go is the campus bookstore to sell their books back. But what they don’t realize is that there’s another option that’s almost just as easy and can actually work out better for you: selling your books online. Here are a few of the reasons to skip the lines at the bookstore and head to the post office instead.

Better Textbook Prices

It’s definitely more profitable to sell your textbooks online. Rather than opting for the “take it or leave it” price of the bookstore, you can shop around and compare different quotes and buyback prices from online retailers. Nowadays there are many websites that specialize in textbook buying and selling, so you don’t have to post a listing on an auction website and wait for a bite.

Selling Textbooks Can Be Easy

It may seem hard to believe that selling your textbooks online can be as simple as walking across campus, but it really is! Think about it: if you sell at the bookstore you have to lug your backpack over there, waste time standing in line with dozens of other students, and end up fruitlessly haggling over low prices—if they accept your book at all! The online process is much simpler: search for your book, accept your price, package it correctly, and ship it off!

Less Hassle Over Damage

Bookstores can really make a fuss over damage, even if it’s something as simple as highlighting or notes in the margins. That can drive their prices way down. Many online retailers are a lot more lenient about that type of thing. So as long as your book doesn’t look like it was mauled by an angry grizzly, you’ll probably be able to get it off your hands for a decent price.

Help Your Fellow Students

If you’ve ever tried to buy your textbooks online, you know that it helps to have lots of options available. Selling textbooks to online retailers means that when the next semester rolls around, other students will have an easier time finding what they need for a good price. Similarly, if they sell online, you (and your wallet) will be in luck.

In this modern age, there’s no reason to settle for long lines and low prices when you can get a better option with the click of a button. Sell online, and use the profits to celebrate your last night on campus with one final pizza party.

Sell Textbooks Online

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