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The Best Times to Sell Used Textbooks

best time to sell textbooks online Like many other types of buying and selling, textbooks have time periods where selling your books is unlikely, but there are also times when you also have a better chance of getting a higher price. If you want to get the most out of selling those used books, make sure to pay attention to when they are most in demand.

According to The New York Times, there are definite time frames that you should focus on when selling your textbooks. The basics of determining this information boils down to supply and demand. You are going to have better luck selling books when people actually need them. Conversely, that luck goes down drastically during other times of less demand. This means you need to plan your book selling accordingly.

Best Months for Selling Textbooks

In-depth studies of searching and buying practices have determined that selling books is much more lucrative during the months of July, August, and January. Why? Because the demand for used textbooks increases at the start of new school years and semesters. This increased demand mean that the supply of available textbooks lowers, which makes the value of your book increase.

Why It Matters

The entire point of selling your used textbooks is to make extra cash. When you sell books when they are in higher demand, you will get a better price than when students no longer need them. The research also shows that the week of August 20 is the most lucrative week to sell – you could get as much as 20% more for your book during that week than you could during other months.

The Worst Times

There are also times when you should consider holding on to your book rather than selling right then. If you want to ensure that you get the most money out of the books you are trying to sell, try not to do so during the months of April, November, and December. These months are popular times for spring break and other vacations, so students are considerably less likely to even be thinking about textbooks, let alone buying them. If you absolutely have to sell during these times, you should plan on getting less back than you were hoping for.

Selling used textbooks is a great way for college students to earn extra cash. As long as you keep in mind the best and worst times to plan on selling, you should have no problem selling them.


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