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We Want To Pay You An Extra $10

Here at Textbook Dollars, we value YOU as a customer! We realize that you probably associate with like-minded people who mirror your values and qualities. Therefore, we want to create an opportunity to gain some of them as our customers, while being able to give back to our already loyal customers at the same time. Our business is mainly based on referrals and this is how we realized we could offer people an opportunity to make more cash.



List of friends, family member or co-workers who you can refer to Textbook Dollars:

– Anyone currently enrolled in school

-Recent graduate who has a ton of college textbooks laying around their house

-A friend who was not able to sell their books back to their college campus bookstore because they have water damage, wear/tear or writing/highlighting

-Student who needs help paying off student loans

-And much more!



Take a minute to think about everyone you know. We would like to offer you FREE $10 for every friend, family member or co-worker you refer to our site.



How our referral program works:

1. Refer any number of friends/family members/coworkers to our site textbookdollars.com

2. That person then MUST come to our site and complete a buyback order.

3. When they fill out their order in the “last name” section, they add YOUR previous order number (as shown below), which can be found under the Order tab in your account history

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 3.18.01 PM

4. We will pay YOU an extra $10 for every order THEY complete, when it arrives to our buyback department (within 24-48 hours)!


We will pay you out via PayPal or Check by mail, however we paid you for your previous order. Please remember we are not offering this opportunity to all of our customers and you have qualified to become a premium customer. We value your loyalty and feel it should be rewarded.


If you have any questions please feel free to email us directly here [email protected].



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