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Why Others Want Your Used Textbooks

others want to follow the leaderEven though you no longer need your used textbooks, that doesn’t mean you should just throw them away, or stash them in the back of your closet where they will remain for the next five years. There are plenty of people who are more than happy to take those used books off your hands, and you can actually make money in the process. If you still don’t believe that others will actually want your textbooks, here are some reasons why.

Cheaper Option

Used textbooks are cheaper than brand new ones, and everyone likes to save money – especially when they know that they will not be using the book for all that long. If you had the option of paying $50 for a used book, or $100 or more for a new one, it’s a pretty safe bet that you would opt for the cheaper option.

Your Notes

If you are anything like most students, your textbooks probably have notes in the margins and highlighting throughout the chapters. You made these notes and such so you knew what to study for the next text, right? Well, the next student that uses your textbook will be able to look at your notes, which will help them have a better idea of the information they need to know for the course.

They Can Sell It Too

Used textbooks are worth money, regardless of how many people have used them. As long as the book is still in good condition, has all its pages, and isn’t moldy, the next student can sell it when they are done with it as well. This means that not only did they pay less for the book in the first place, but they can also get some of their money back as well.

Campus Bookstores Suck

You remember the first time you went to the campus bookstore; the new students crammed in like sardines, standing in lines that seemed like they never moved. Just as you can sell your used textbooks online, people can buy them online as well. This means they don’t have to stand in line at the bookstore – they can just have it delivered right to their door.

There are plenty of reasons that your textbooks are valuable to other students that will need to take the same classes you just finished. By selling your textbooks, you not only help them out, you also make money for yourself.


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