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Why University Bookstores Might Not Buy Your Textbooks Back

college bound photo There is a good chance that you went to your university bookstore, looked up your course, and purchased the required textbooks there. Many students do this every semester because, although often more expensive, this route is very convenient. It can be very confusing, however, when you return to sell used college textbooks, and the store refuses to buy them.


University Bookstores Buy Limited Numbers of Textbooks


The bookstore on your college campus will likely have a catalogue telling them which textbooks their professors will require during the upcoming semester. Bookstore employees are then authorized to only buy these titles, and only a certain number of these titles.


Some bookstores will potentially buy books that are no longer needed for the upcoming semester, but will do so at a significantly discounted rate. For example, the Stony Brook University bookstore explains within its college textbook buyback information that, once the store has received predetermined quantities of a title, they will offer a lower wholesale price, if this option is available.


Your Textbook Is in Demand… Somewhere


It is possible to receive decent buyback prices when selling textbooks to campus bookstores, but this is a rare feat. This is because the likelihood that you will receive a more competitive buyback price only increases if there is a high demand for your textbook at your campus, at the time when you are selling your book. So, your book must be assigned during the next semester, and you’d better be willing to sell during your final’s week.


You have a better chance of receiving a higher buyback price if you open the market for your book from just your campus to students everywhere. This is exactly what happens when you sell college textbooks online. The value of your used textbook is then determined by the demand from students across the entire country.


Reduce the Risk that Your Book Will Be Refused


It can be very disheartening to learn that you cannot sell your textbook back to the store at all, not even at a discounted rate. It is very unlikely that this will happen when you sell textbooks online.


Online retailers do not have the same restrictions placed upon them as campus bookstores. As long as your book has all of its pages and is not a custom edition, then it is very likely that you can receive payment for it.







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