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You Can Profit Selling Used Textbooks

profit selling used textbooks to college studentsEvery college student has to think about finances. After all, the cost of attending college is very high – even when you are a part-time student. There are also the other expenses such as housing, food, supplies and textbooks. This last expense is one that a lot of students struggle with because they use the books for semester and never touch them again. That is why selling them is a wise path, and you can make money on used textbooks.

The Myths of Used Textbooks Debunked

A lot of people who have previously sold their used textbooks will insist that you cannot make any money by doing it. Instead, they just lug the books back to their college bookstore and take whatever small sums they can receive. They then just use this against the cost of the next batch.

This is a defeatist way of approaching the issue, and instead you can most definitely find many ways to improve the outcome. The first step is to stop thinking that it is only “brick and mortar” establishments willing to buy textbooks. You can sell them through websites like eBay or Amazon, but even here you won’t get much profit from selling used textbooks.

Why? One of the biggest (and yet overlooked) expenses when buying books online is the cost of shipping them. When you are selling used textbooks it is often up to you to pay for the shipping fees, and that really cuts into your earnings. So, to debunk the myth that it is unprofitable to sell books online – just find a vendor with free shipping policies.

There are Profitable Markets

Vendors such as Textbook Dollars do offer coverage for the hefty shipping fees required for used textbooks. By working with a group like this you can make money selling used textbooks. Additionally, groups like this also prove that you don’t have to keep a textbook in pristine condition to get a good price for it. Instead, having a book with a solid binding and without any missing content is often all that is required for it to be sold and put to use by another student.

So, you can save selling used textbooks and you can even profit from the deal. However, you have to work with vendors that cover shipping, accept books with some highlights or notes, and who have a wider market than just your current college campus. Go online to sell your used textbooks and you’ll enjoy greater success.

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